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Live Large in Laurelhurst for $1.25m

"The NBA Finals are over!" "Lebron is overrated!" "The Mavericks won for the first time!" We know, we're totally sick of hearing about it too (especially since we lack an NBA team ourselves). That doesn't mean we don't want to live like ballers, though, which is why this Laurelhurst 4-bed is totally ideal. At 3,180 sq. ft., it's got all the amenities you'd expect from a pricey property out near Wolf Bay -- think access to the Beach Club, a sun room ("for music lessons" says the listing), and heated floors. What's really catching our eye, though, is the pair of sport courts in the backyard. Train your own army of mini Maria Sharapovas and Carmelo Anthonys from the comfort of your deck. What more could you want? The price of raising a herd of sports-inclined minions: $1.25m. · Listing: 5024 NE 41st Street [Windermere]