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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of June 13th-17th

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Each week, we take a peek into the public project we all love, loathe, and live to talk about: the ongoing battle for a Viaduct replacement.

Nothing particularly thrilling happened in the actual construction process this week, but the new candidates for City Council were kind of interesting -- because they won't touch the dang tunnel with a 39-1/2-foot pole.

Here are the goods:

Viaduct status: Upright, to be sure.
Recent earthquakes: Just some little ones by Mt. Rainier.
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: Some nasty closures that last from 7 pm tonight straight through to 5 am Monday morning. Ouch.
What we're getting: Agita. We're getting agita.

So here's what happened:

· Hot damn, that's a bad shutdown. [WSB]
· Pro-tunnelers vs. anti-tunnelers went head to head. [PubliCola]
· CH's candidate for City Council spot numero uno is staying the heck away from the issue. Smart. [CHS]
· Anti-tunnelers are still mad about the ballot language. [Seattle Times via STB]
· A City Council aide left to go work for Save Seattle Now. Oops! [PubliCola]
· At least they're finishing stuff early. [WSB]

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