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Get Sneaky on Queen Anne for Just South of $1m

Are you secretly way taller than people realize? Do you actually weigh ten pounds more than what's listed on your license? Have you told people you're 29 when that hasn't been true since NSYNC last went platinum? Then slyly slipping more height/weight/ge into a package is nothing new to you. Similar to the way you tell your friends you're an 80s baby and actually weigh 130 pounds, this Queen Anne 3-bed was built in 1908 and somehow sneaks a legitimate 2,800 sq. ft. in on the west slope of the hill. You get some sweet views of Elliott Bay and Shilshole, along with a deck, a finished basement, and a recently renovated kitchen. The price of living in an old house with new stuff: $995k. · Listing: 1821 9th Avenue West [Redfin]