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Sorry, Seattle -- We're Okay with Snohomish for $450k

Hey, Seattle. This is going to be awkward, so brace yourself. We're not usually so into things that are north of the city -- Tacoma's nice sometimes, after all, but the north end is really kind of hit or miss, which is why we feel so totally weird about this house. It's kind of really great. It's in Snohomish, it's got 4 beds, it's just north of 2,600 sq. ft., and it's got all the weird amenities suburban people take for granted that city-dwellers drool over. Read: backyards. Big kitchens. A reasonably easy commute. Stuff like that. You feel totally weird too, now, right? Get ready for one more thing: it's $450,000. Yeah, we're a little shaky too.
· Listing: 15708 65th Ave. SE [Estately]