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But Wait, There's More! A Very Special (Very Late) Under 2 Tuesday: Outdoors Week Edition

Thought we forgot about you during Outdoors Week? Never! You still get a taste of the affordable life with Curbed Seattle's weekly feature on real estate that's doable for most regular folks. Each Tuesday (and, well, today), we'll probe the shores of the Sound for sneaky, pretty properties available for under $200k. This week: you also get a rooftop garden!

Alright, it's not the prettiest of listings. The photos aren't professional. You have no idea what the bedroom looks like (there is one of them, by the way). It's a little shy of 500 sq. ft. But get a look at that rooftop garden, guys. It is totally better than the ones we featured for about a bajillion dollars more. I mean, seriously. You're gonna say no to that? At $149,950? You're a liar. · Listing: 323 Queen Anne Avenue North #404 [Redfin]