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Rooftop Gardens So Great You'll Forget You Live Downtown

Welcome to CURBED OUTDOORS WEEK, a five-day festival of wide open spaces, rooftop gardens, secret greenery, and everything else you'll find outside in the Pacific Northwest.

Today we'll take a look at three of our favorite condo gardens on the market, and we'll kick things off with this guy on 24th Avenue NW. The Ballard 1-bed may not scream special to the average buyer, but if you're one of those garden enthusiast people who watch Ciscoe and Meeghan Black every weekend you'll totally dig it. Observe: there's a really great patio garden right outside the living room. And it's sort of gigantic. Sure, the unit itself is just shy of 700 sq. ft., but you don't really care about that. You care about growing petunias. And grow petunias you shall, if you're okay with putting down $260,000 for the chance to do it. · Listing: 5615 24th Avenue NW #25 [RE/MAX]

Cool with sharing your outdoor spaces? That's alright, because we've got something for you too. Goodness knows Seattle's full of cool rooftop gardens -- we're sort of into that green thing, after all -- so 2607 Western Avenue (dubbed The Vine) shouldn't be much of a surprise to you. (Actually, they call it a rooftop terrace, but we won't be picky). This 2-bedroom unit on the tenth floor is just over 1,400 sq. ft. and gets you access, and it's got a pretty primo location. Interested? It's going for $875,000. · Listing: 2607 Western Avenue #1004 [Redfin]

Yeah, we know. We've featured the Gainsborough before. We said it was sparsely staged. We got it. What we weren't focusing on was the garden and landscaping downstairs, which is admittedly kind of great. If it's old-school street cred mixed with a pretty sweet rooftop situation, you've met your match in units 803 and 804, which have a combined 5 bedrooms and just south of 2,600 sq. ft. If you're into it (oh, and we are), the place is selling for $839,000. · Listing: 1017 Minor Avenue Units 803/804 [Redfin]