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Schmoozing with Jason Franey and Brian Canlis; Restaurant Zoe's Out

This week's top hits from Eater Seattle, Curbed's sibling bar, restaurant and nightlife blog...

UPPER QUEEN ANNE—Last weekend was the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, and Canlis chef Jason Franey and owner Brian Canlis were there to take part in the boozing, schmoozing and (for Franey, at least) some kitchen work. Franey and Canlis shared their favorite moments from the event.

CAPITOL HILL—First there were rumors of well-regarded local bartender Jamie Boudreau opening his own bar. Then plans were announced for Canon: Whiskey & Bitters Emporium, to open in the current location of another popular cocktail bar, Licorous. The bar, a sibling to next door restaurant Lark, will close its doors Monday. Since last year, Licorous has also been the site of Monday night Shophouse Thai pop-up dinners from Lark sous chef Wiley Frank. He's currently pondering Shophouse's next move.

BELLTOWN/CAPITOL HILL—Hey look, the rumors were true: Scott Staples' decade-old Restaurant Zoe is leaving Belltown. The restaurant is relocating to Capitol Hill, at 14th and Union in what is becoming a formidable micro 'hood of restaurants. Meanwhile, the team behind around-the-corner restaurant Spur (and Capitol Hill cocktail bar Tavern Law) will be opening a new concept in Zoe's current location.

MADISON PARK—In the summer of 2009, two guys named Cormac Mahoney and Bryan Jarr ran a nighttime walkup window that drew a cult following for its crazy tacos and other fare. The window, dubbed Tako Truk, shuttered later that year and the duo went on to open Madison Park Conservatory. On Sunday they are bringing back some favorites from the Tako Truck menu, and this time their signature "green drink" will include booze.