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Ain't No Mountain High Enough to Keep Us from Getting to These Listings

The last day of Outdoors Week certainly brings a few tears to our eyes, but they're quickly dried by a brisk trip down the ski slopes we're famous for around these parts. It's no secret that Seattle's blessed with pretty killer mountains to both the east and the west, nor that they make for some primo snowboarding (super late into the season, at that). Care to skip the weekly commute out to the mountains to hit the slopes? We've dutifully found some on-the-market properties near the mountains for your convenience. First up, a chalet-looking 3-bed in Greenwater, just out of reach of Crystal Mountain. It's pushing 2,800 sq. ft., includes a hot tub, and has three fireplaces. If that doesn't scream I-want-to-live-an-apres-ski-life-all-the-time, we don't know what does. Asking price: $595,000.

· Listing: 16008 Crystal Lane East []

Fancy living somewhere that's a little less city-kid-goes-country and a little more treehouse? No worries, friend -- this 3-bed in Packwood is just the ticket. It's 2,268 sq. ft. of rustic living -- that is, if you ignore the granite countertops. It's got a demonstrated propensity for hammocks and a moose-friendly bathroom, too. What more could you want? It's yours for $399,900. · Listing: 103 Long Branch Lane []

More into the Peninsula than anything? We've got something for you too. Port Angeles is home to Hurricane Ridge, a best-kept-secret type of a spot that locals and Canadian tourists know about and visitors from the East Coast completely miss. Even better, it's next to a legit town. No, we're not talking a straight up suburb, but Port Angeles has a Jack in the Box. It's getting there. If heading up into the Olympics is your thing, this 3,300 sq. ft. 3-bed might be of particular interest. It's got two fireplaces, doesn't look even vaguely mountain-y, and it's got a private hiking trail. Price tag: $399,000. · Listing: 535 Harbor View []