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Urban Garden Finally Almost Finished

Guess what finally started this weekend! If you said "the installation of an urban garden next to the Sheraton that's been long delayed and is actually kind of cool," you're 100% correct.

Construction on local artist Ginny Ruffner's Urban Garden project finally kicked off Saturday, and it's schedule to finish in time for a grand opening on July 21st. It's basically a giant (and we mean giant) flower pot full of metal flowers, and it weighs just under five tons. The daisy on top is nine feet wide (no, not tall. Wide. We meant it when we said "giant.") will spin continuously.

The project's been in the works for about seven years and is the last thing the Sheraton's adding to their "garden walk" concept between Pike and Union. Among the other highlights of the garden walk -- a glass canopy to protect people walking underneath from rain. Guess they know they're in Seattle after all.

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