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Be Cool But Not Broke in Belltown for $327k

So you want to live in Belltown and be sort of swanky. That's cool, we're down -- it's the American dream after all (sort of). You're challenged, however, by the notion of spending over $500k for a studio just because it has a view of the impending construction on the Viaduct. We're also down with that. Try this one on for size: it's a 1-bed on Vine Street on the 19th floor, and it rings in at just under 800 sq. ft. There are some pretty decent views (though the windows aren't huge, let's be honest) and a deck. You get parking, access to the indoor pool, and some sweet custom closets. Sound nice? If you're up for paying $326,840, it's all yours. · Listing: 121 Vine Street #1906 [Redfin]