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Be Cool in Kirkland for Under $140k

Welcome to Curbed Seattle's weekly feature on real estate that's doable for most regular folks (if they've got all their ducks in a line, or at least an abstract formation). Each Tuesday, we'll probe the shores of the Sound for sneaky, pretty properties available for under $200k. You know what the new up-and-coming neighborhood apparently is? Kirkland. Word is that it's a legit destination for mini vacations now! We know, that's not really a neighborhood. In fact, it's a city, and it just gobbled up some other neighborhoods to make itself bigger. Whatever, we're running with it. It's got 2, count 'em, 2 beds, just shy of 1000 sq. ft., access to the gym and pool, a cool outdoor garden, and new appliances. Better yet, this guy's going for $139,500. It's a sweet deal if we ever saw one.

· 11103 NE 124th Lane Unit E-217, Kirkland [CB Bain]