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How Is This 5-bed in Westwood Under $350k?

We'll admit it: we're partial to West Seattle. There, we said it! Happy? We sure are, because this listing sort of warms our hearts. It's in Westwood, which is right next to White Center (so you know you'll never be bored), and it's got 5 bedrooms. It's also a full 2,660 sq. feet and 3.5 bathrooms, which is pretty impressive in and of itself. Added bonuses include an easy walk to Westwood Village (Jamba Juice, anyone?), a garden terrace, a not-so-bad commute, and a sweet view of Mount Rainier. The price for all this loveliness: a surprisingly low $349,900. What, is it haunted or something? · Listing: 7553 30th Avenue SW [Redfin]