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Get Tan and Modern in Ballard for $585k

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The language for this Ballard listing is sort of bizarre -- it was apparently completely "rebuilt and redesigned in 2006," which doesn't imply any sort of "re" at all. Wouldn't a complete rebuild and redesign entail knocking down a totally different house and building a brand new one that looks nothing like it in the same place? We're confused. Regardless, we're totally into the thing they replaced the old building with. It's a 3-bed with a full 2,720 sq. ft. of space. It's also got a sweet finished basement (currently put to work as a gym) and a deck, so you can lay out and look good doing it. The price for all this pretty modern design: a cool $585,000. · Listing: 5906 8th Avenue NW [Redfin]