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Diner-Palooza; Phoenicia's Chef Heads to Pritty Boys

This week's top hits from Eater Seattle, Curbed's sibling bar, restaurant and nightlife blog...

BELLTOWN—Diners: might be becoming a thing. Just a few weeks after Skillet Diner opened on Capitol Hill, Belltown is about to welcome The Lucky Diner. Doors open next week, and local designer and burlesque name Jamie Von Stratton designed some vintage-style uniforms for the female servers.

BEACON HILL—A new wood-fired pizza place is opening this summer in the former location of the Beacon Hill Pub. This in itself would be a moderately big deal, but the chef-owner, Jerry Corso, is an alum of Harvest Vine in Madison Valley and has major street cred amongst other restaurant industry folk. Add to that his previous stint working and cooking in Italy and his Bar del Corso could be one of the big openings of the summer.

MADRONA—The chef who made West Seattle's Phoenicia a destination for pizza has moved over to the brand new Pritty Boys Pizza in Madrona, occupying the former location of Dulces Latin Bistro. The pizza is East Coast style (aka thin and crispy) and the kids' play area and teenage gaming area pretty much guarantee a crowd in this neighborhood.

MT. BAKER—The sorely under-restauranted people of Mt. Baker can look forward to A La Bonne Franquette opening in late June or early July. The menu promises to be French with some African and Arabian influences courtesy of chef-owner Hamed Elnazir's Sudanese heritage and assorted travels.