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Drop Serious Cash For Serious Coolness in Arbor Heights

Hey, it's Friday and it's supposed to be nice outside all weekend long. Your favorite blogs are probably posting totally irrelevant and procrastination-inducing things that are completely unnecessary but endlessly fun to look at. Think we're gonna do any different? No, sir -- today you're getting a gratuitously modern 5-bed in Arbor Heights, and you're gonna like it. Among other things, it boasts 4,540 sq. ft., a Tim Rhodes pedigree, 92 feet of shore, brand new appliances, and sprinkler system (which sounds ridiculous now, but will be awesome come summer). It's also got A/C, so when you wuss out on Sunday as it hits 80 degrees you're in the clear. Care to drop some cash on this sucker? It's going for $2,649,500. We're not proud. · Listing: 3409 SW Seola Lane [Redfin]

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