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Get Festive in Mount Baker for $1.19m

My, this house is festive! From the pine trees at the entry to the cute little furry pillows to the glossy red hardwood floors, it just screams Christmas in the best possible way, and we're totally into. What better way to ring in July, right? Your final On The Market house for the month of June is a 4-bed in Mount Baker with 5,000, count 'em, 5,000 sq. ft. to play with. What, pray tell, should you do in all that space? Try relaxing on the patio. Warm up by the weird marble-y fireplace. Relish in the fact that it was built in the 1980s but looks so much cooler than you expected. All worthwhile ways to spend your time, we say. The price tag: $1,190,000. · Listing: 2333 32nd Avenue South [Redfin]