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Peek Inside Joe Hurley's Ridiculously Cool Wallingford Domicile

Pacific Northwest took a peek inside the Wallingford home of Joe Hurley (of Joseph Hurley Architects) this weekend and got his take on building houses that are green, pretty, and actually affordable. The man's policy is two-fold -- he's a big believer in using builder-grade materials thoughtfully rather than throwing things together, and he's also trying to get the word out that building a green house isn't actually that much more expensive than traditional construction, tenets his 44th Street house make very clear.
Just to illustrate the whole point, he showed off the place and explained what he called "design challenges" that made for a nice little space for his family of four (and his office).

Here are the crazy, usually-gross building materials he used to make his easy-on-the-eyes house:
· Plywood!
· Laminate cabinets!
· Weird exposed plumbing and electrical paths!

Also included: a ridiculously cool double bookshelf down the center wall. We're jealous.

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