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On The Market And At The Market for $1.79m

Oh hey, baby. I didn't see you there. Do you come here often? No, I don't mean to the market -- I'm talking about 35 floors up. Well I'm here all the time, and I don't mean to be forward, but I'm the 2-bed you've been searching for. Now I know you say that size doesn't matter, but let me give it to you straight, baby -- I'm 1,729 sq. ft. of solid sexy, and you can ask my SubZero and walk-in pantry all about it if you don't believe me. That's right, enjoy the view. Why yes, that's the Smith Tower. What's that? You think maybe you'd like me better if I showed a little more skin? You just think I might be just a slew of well-staged photos? Well baby, I can't just reveal everything right away. You gotta earn it. This lovin' doesn't come cheap -- I sing to the tune of $1,790,000. It's okay, though. I can tell you have expensive taste. · Listing: 1521 2nd Avenue #3502 [Zillow]