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Jay Buhner's Fall City Ranch Is On The Market for $6.75m

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Former Mariners right fielder Jay Buhner listed his estate in Fall City a few weeks back, and the listing photos are really too good to keep to ourselves. There's no word on what the potential sale means for his gig as a Mariners commentator, but cross your fingers that the guy's just moving somewhere closer to the stadium. B2B Ranch (God we hope it stands for what we think it does) is situated on 80 acres outside of Issaquah and the main house is a staggering 7,500 sq. ft. with four bedrooms, a formal dining room, a poker room, weight room, sauna, and 35-foot ceilings. There's also a garage with space for seven cars. You know, no big. But wait! That's just the main house! You haven't even seen the guest house and outside yet!

Don't worry about visitors, though! If the main house is just filled to the brim with out-of-towners, stash the overflow in the guest house. It's 2,200 sq. ft. and connected to a 1,000 sq. ft. garage with room for four cars. You know; in case your friends don't like carpooling.

Still not interested? The outdoor stuff will totally sell you on the place. We promise. There's a grill center with an outdoor wet bar, a refurbished barn with four stalls and a tack room, a pool, two private wells, and a batting cage. You're also right next to Aldarra Golf Course, but the listing website helpfully points out that you could build your own course on the property if you really wanted to. Whatever. So how much is Bone selling this thing for? After a series of price cuts when he listed two years ago, it's on the market for $6,750,000. (Yeah, the Mariners paid really really well back then.)

· Listing: B2B Ranch