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Come Because It's Cute, Stay for the Pastries in Ballard

Aw come on, right before the holiday weekend you know you want a little bit of Americana. This 3-bed in Ballard is completely adorable and homey and charming and comfy and all that other stuff that you say about houses that harken back to idyllic childhoods, and we've got a big crush on it. It's 1,720 sq. ft. with a separate garage that has a living area you could rent out, and the backyard's also pretty cute. Here's the kicker though -- it's really close to Larson's Bakery, which is off-the-charts amazing. Seriously, you're gonna say no to that much cuteness and carbs? You're heartless. The price of not adhering to Atkins: $399,000. · Listing: 7710 23rd Avenue NW [Estately]