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Reviewing the Review: Hooked on House and Conover Commons

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National real estate blog Hooked on Houses recently took a look at one of Redmond's finest, and they had some thoughts. Most of them were so positive they could hardly contain themselves, and with good reason: the cottage they picked in Conover Commons is positively adorable and ridiculously pretty inside, even though it's only got 1,700 sq. ft. to its name. Still, 3 bathrooms! Here are their points and our commentary:
· They like the Dutch door. You know how we feel about cool doors here. Check one for the agreement column.
· They don't like the living room. Yeah, we get that. It's kind of weirdly shaped, and that stove isn't doing it any favors.
· They think the display niches in the kitchen are "interesting." That choice of words seems sort of loaded. We just straight up like them, so we're gonna chalk it up as a disagreement.
· They like the breakfast nook but not the odd lighting. We're going to agree, because the overhead lighting looks like a bizarre opportunity to mimic the lamps you like so much from Red Robin (and you should not take advantage of it).
· They think the vaulted ceiling and skylight are weird. Yeah, they're right.

The score:
Agreements - 4
Disagreements - 1

Looks like this one comes out as a review with which we thoroughly agree. Well played, HOH. In case you're interested, it's $674k.

· Bella Rosa Cottage for Sale in Redmond, WA [Hooked on Houses]
· Listing: 13438 NE 111th Ct. Redmond [Windermere]