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Get a Deck for Under $170k in Lake Stevens

We're heading way up north to Lake Stevens this week, where the houses might be a touch more spread out but the cute little suburban situation and killer pricing make the commute worth it. Today's cheap-listing-of-choice: this 3-bed that's actually really super nice, all things considered. You get 1,556 sq. ft., a deck, a legitimate backyard, and a nice little master bath. They also list an outbuilding for storage (most of us would call that a shed, guys) and say it needs a little TLC, which implies that somebody had to get the heck out of there mid-home improvement project and you'll have to pick up the pieces. Still, all that for $169,900? You won't find that sort of thing in Seattle proper. · 1314 90th Dr. NE, Lake Stevens [CB Bain]