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The Best Listings for Turning Your Kids Into Soccer Stars

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As far as countries go, the United States isn't really that interested in soccer. We are, however, very interested in winning. And this weekend all the soccer-focused and winning-inclined among us (read: hipsters and everyone else) will join together for a common cause as they watch the U.S. women's soccer team take on Japan in the World Cup Final.

Seattle's got one big, impenetrable brick wall of a reason to pay close attention, too: after all, the Pacific Northwest's very own Hope Solo, a UW alum and obscenely good goalkeeper, is one of the team's biggest stars. If your little munchkin of a soccer player now longs to play on the biggest stage in the world, it's gonna take some serious time commitment -- like, so much time that you absolutely can't spare any to commute to and from practice. Lucky for you, we've picked out three on-the-market listings within walking distance of some excellent facilities and sources of inspiration.

First, let's find a place super close to Husky Stadium. Your kid needs to get used to wearing a lot of purple if she's gonna be the next Hope Solo, and there's really no better place to call home base than Montlake. Enter this massive 4-bedroom Tudor. It's got 3,640 sq. ft. to its name, marble countertops, and a sweet fireplace. Even better, it's inspiration central: John W. Nordstrom originally owned it, so it gives your budding superstar motivation to become the most famous person to ever live there. It's yours for $786,000.

· Listing: 2810 Montlake Blvd. E. [Redfin]

Next up: A 4-bed near Tukwila's epically great Starfire Sports complex. Equipped with both Astroturf and grass, it's basically an ideal spot for your little munchkin to get used to turf shoes and play under some lights for once. This guy's actually a Freedom Family Homes floorplan, but it's within a mile of the field! Probably way less if you jump over some fences! It's 2,422 sq. ft. and nobody else has lived in it, and it makes getting on 405 and I-5 super easy. And you get it for $320,950!

·Listing: 147 62nd Avenue South Unit X1 [Redfin]

But what, pray tell, do you do if your budding superstar needs a male role model or two as he learns the game? Easy: just live super close to CenturyLink Field so he can see the Sounders all the time. (Ignore the ticket prices -- this is an investment in his future.) Put down the cash for a 2-bedroom apartment on 2nd Ave. within walking distance of the stadium -- it's pushing 2,700 sq. ft., has killer views, and, as demonstrated by its listing photos, tons of wall space on which your youngster can store his many medals and magazine covers as he rises through the ranks. The price tag on this pretty pied-a-terre: just $1,795,000.

· Listing: 715 2nd Avenue #1703 [Redfin]