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Relax Outside All Summer Long in Magnolia for $575k

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There's not much debating that Magnolia's a nice place to live. The bridge has a pretty view, there's a marina, the houses are all big and nice, and Palisades is like right there cooking up slabs of macadamia-crusted brie like nobody's business. This 3-bed is no exception -- it's got 1,920 square feet to its name, some nice views, a deck, a not-shabby kitchen, and the like. Here's where we get a really big crush on this listing, though: the patio. Seriously, your friends will be over all summer long. If that's a good thing, it's yours for $575,000. If it's not, well, don't let them know about your backyard. · Listing: 3512 31st Avenue West [CB Bain]