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Lounge Poolside in Arbor Heights for $1.6m

Wednesday was totally nice, right? 84 degrees! Here! In July! If it wasn't so overdue, we'd say it was bonkers! While our brief foray into actual summer might have inspired some people to go outside and be active, it actually made us pretty desperate to lounge poolside and do absolutely nothing productive. Good thing this guy's on the market in Arbor Heights -- it's a 3-bed with 2,680 sq. ft. and it's pretty much made for chilling out. It's also got 62 feet of beach to its name and a nice little patio that could be pretty great with a little moss removal. As for the house itself, it's got a nice deck, a sweet (pardon the pun) master suite, and formidable kitchen with two ovens (so you're totally hosting Thanksgiving, like, every year). Interested? It goes for $1,590,000. · Listing: 10623 Maplewood Place SW [Redfin]