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The Best Thing We've Ever Seen: Dog Doogity

For a city of vast technological means, we sometimes expect just a touch more in the amazing-viral-videos department than the 206 actually seems to release into the world. From time to time, though, someone truly impresses us. Today's shining star:'s "Dog Doogity," a PSA advising pet owners to scoop it up.

Starring Martin Luther and Lola the dog, the song's a play on Blackstreet's "No Diggity," a fine track itself. Among the choice lyrics:
·"The girl and her dog, they were fine (wow)/Until they left a doodie, that’s a crime (bow wow)"
· "I like the way you walk it/Dog doogity/We’ve got to bag it up."
· "East side to the West side/Pushin’ I-5, take a ferry ride/I hope she got treats in the stash/Bacon gives her gas."

The music video in all its splendor, after the jump.

· "Dog Doogity" Video Encourages Seattleites to Pick Up After Their Pooch [Belltown People]