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Be Hip in the U-District for Under $100k

Welcome to Curbed Seattle's weekly feature on real estate that's doable for most regular folks (if they've got all their ducks in a line, or at least an abstract formation). Each Tuesday, we'll probe the shores of the Sound for sneaky, pretty properties available for under $200k. This week: what do you think of when we say "Wayfarers?" Kirsten Dunst? Risky Business? Capitol Hill? We're gonna introduce a new association today: really cute studios in the U-District. Totally weirded out? Just wait! This studio in The Wayfarer Co-op will change your tune. Sure, it's not great if you have roommates, but if it's just you, you like a good Murphy bed, you'd enjoy a fitness center and rooftop garden, and you don't have to cook anything wider than that tiny little oven can handle, you'll be totally stoked. Also, you don't have to paint (as long as you like Easter egg colors)! All joking aside, for the location it's a pretty sweet deal. Price tag: $99,500.

· Listing: 4725 15th Ave. NE #27 [Redfin]