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Hit The Deck (And Dock) in Kirkland for $2.6m

Let's be frank: Tuesdays totally suck. Like, way more than Mondays. What better day, then, to gaze at a gratuitous, over-the-top On The Market property? None, that's what we say. In this instance, we're heading over to Kirkland for a waterfront 3-bed (yes, that massive thing has only got 3 beds) with 3,740 sq. ft. to its name. It's got lots of views, lots of balconies, and lots of cash invested in its really gorgeous kitchen. It's also got a ton of ways to hang out by the water, including an outdoor room, a built in barbecue, and a good 108 ft. of private waterfront. Got a boat? Not a problem -- there are two boat lifts, 100 ft. of dock and a slip so you don't even have to stash that sucker in a marina. Totally smitten? The price is $2,599,900. · Listing: 8431 NE Woodland Cove Drive [CB Bain]