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If Only: The Real Housewives of Seattle and Other Neighborhood Stereotypes

We try to steer clear of neighborhood stereotypes here at Curbed Seattle, so when Amy Rol-- wait, that's a blatant lie. We're all about neighborhood stereotypes. In fact, they rank among our favorite topics.

That's why Amy Rolph's hilarious blog post on who would be worth of The Real Housewives of Seattle stole our hearts earlier this week when we stumbled across it (thanks to our friends at Seattlest). Among the accused: the fake tanners who refuse to assimilate, the lululemon-clad yogi housewife, the urban farmer. Sound familiar?

But there's more!

Rolph's article comes on the heels of PEMCO's debatably successful but super amusing "We're A Lot Like You" ad campaign, in which various Seattle-area characters are both parodied and called out with baseball card-worthy profiles. There's some overlap with Rolph's housewives -- urban farmers and militant yogis make a repeat appearance -- as well as fairly amusing takes on quiet Everett aerospace engineers, Sammamish plateau soccer coaches, Marymoor off-leash dog park regulars, and your friend who won't stop talking about real estate (et tu, PEMCO?).

So now we turn to you, dear readers. These much-peddled Northwest stereotypes -- are they accurate? Are they played-out? Are we too harsh on the Rayban-wearers of Capitol Hill? Are Seattle neighborhoods the ultimate nature-or-nurture experiment? Do let us know what you think in the comments or with a quick email to We're dying to know if luon-clad tech-geek wives have abandoned Medina in favor of warmer climes... like Montlake.

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