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Get Your Colonial Fix for $800k in Montlake

You know what you kind of don't see too often around here? Colonials. Go look, seriously. Tudors? Sure, everywhere. Craftsmans? They abound. Colonials? Not so prevalent. That's why this Montlake 3-bed gets us so excited -- it's 2,740 sq. ft. of nice, center-hall-y goodness. Built in 1932, it's got its original fireplace and a brand new kitchen to its name, as well as a nice outdoor patio that's hooked up for a gas barbecue. Add in a sneaky finished basement that could very well be a fourth bedroom and a basketball court out back and you've got a positively Father-of-the-Bride-esque place to hunker down. It sings to the tune of $799,000. · Listing: 1905 E Blain Street [Redfin]