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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of July 18th-22nd

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Each week, we take a peek into the public project we all love, loathe, and live to talk about: the ongoing battle for a Viaduct replacement.

Will we or won't we? Will we or won't we? Vote, we mean. On I-101. Right now, nobody knows! Just when we think it's all going to work out, somebody rules that it's illegal or something and our hopes for a resolution are totally dashed. Man, this is just like the end of Friends. Rachel, just go to Paris already!

Viaduct status: Still standing.
Recent earthquakes: A micro-quake just outside Seattle! Thrilling.
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: It's closing for Torchlight tomorrow, but otherwise just some nighttime shutdowns.
What we're getting: Totally sick of this whole voting debacle. Oh, and a tunnel, probably.

Here's all the news:

· The guy who won't beat Rasmussen wants a High Line! [PubliCola]
· The pro-tunnelers had some words, too. [PubliCola]
· I-101 is going on the ballot for real this time. [WSB]
· Wait, JK! No, it's totally not! [Seattle Times]
· Don Curtis wants a vote, dangit! [Seattle Times]
· Bless you, P-I, for getting all the news in one place. [P-I]