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Mixed Media in Beacon Hill

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So you like bungalows, but you're also sort of into that modern look that's so hot in places like Queen Anne. That's a huge conflict, right? We mean, you can't live in both or anything. That would just be preposterous.

Except you totally can! Or at least The Seattle Times said you can this weekend in PNW, where they took a tour of a bungalow in Beacon Hill with a weird-but-somehow-awesome-looking addition that's about as modern as it gets.

The Brian Cavanaugh-designed remodel sounds pretty bizarre on paper, but a nice look at the place reveals it's actually kind of cool. Never mind the fact that from most angles it just looks like two houses that are very, very close to one another -- when you actually see that the two things are connected it somehow makes sense! But looks totally bizarre? We know, we don't understand it either.

Aside from the whole come-from-far-and-wide-to-see-it exterior, it's got a couple other things going for it. First, the owners put a flipping gigantic table in there. We're talking a table that's fourteen feet long. Yeah. It's just under 2,260 sq. ft. with the new addition, with has a giant kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows.

The kicker: a ridiculous but kind of funny blue door on the bungalow. Obviously that's the biggest selling point.

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