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Live on a Friggin' Houseboat for $54,000

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Guys. Stop the presses. Under 2 Tuesday is usually home to some pretty decent listings that happen to be obscenely affordable for most average people, but this is kind of ridiculous. You can get a flipping houseboat for under $200k. Yeah, we said it. And you know how we feel about houseboats. This 1-bed is in the canal, but it's just east of 15th Avenue NW so we're gonna say it's a pretty solid Fremonty-Ballard-type territory. That said, it's a houseboat. The inside isn't huge and it's on the older side (1946, to be precise), but seriously. Houseboat. It's also got lots of wood inside, as well as a gas stove, some "creative storage," a hidden tub, and built in bookcases. Also, it's a houseboat. Price tag: $54,000. Did we mention the houseboat part?

· Listing: 1080 West Ewing Place [Redfin]