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Remember The Alamo for $400k in Fauntleroy

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Take a good look at this 2-bed in Fauntleroy and then think about it. No, really. Do it now. Alright, ready? Composed? Collected? Prepared for some intelligent discourse? Yeah, neither are we. There's literally no reason a house that looks like this should be in West Seattle, and yet there it stands. At 1,500 sq. ft., it's sizeable enough that you really can't miss it, either. They're calling it "Spanish-style stucco" in the listing language, but let's be real -- it's the flipping Alamo. And if that's your thing, go for it, because the inside certainly doesn't suck. In fact, it's actually sort of endearing -- the kitchen is pretty new and all that hardwood looks pretty nice. All things considered, it's not a total downer if you're okay with having the most out-of-place house on the block. And if you are, that's cool! It's $399,00.

· Listing: 6906 40th Avenue SW [Redfin]