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Here Are The Going Rates for The Station at Othello Park

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In an amazing display of jumping-on-that-LINK-bandwagon skillfulness and cleverly located amenities, The Station at Othello is throwing a massive shindig tonight to celebrate the opening of the second half of their planned apartment complex.

Whatever, old news, right? We already told you what you get for signing now and you're cool with the whole iPad/free rent/ORCA card deal, but we know what you really want: info on how much the sucker's going for. (Hint to developers: listing the rent for units on your website makes us like you so, so much more.) We get it, we get it. It's super embarrassing when you're putting feelers out there for a new place, find a spot you like, call up the manager for rent info, and realize it's a bajillion dollars out of your price range. (We're looking at you, Capitol Hill apartments with Flash websites.)

Never ones to disappoint, we shook down (read: emailed) the managers to get all the price ranges so you don't show up, realize it's totally out of your league, and leave all bummed and iPadless. So here it is, kids! Presented by popular demand, the going rates for a place at The Station:

· Studios are going for $877-$1164 a month
· Studios with dens are $1140-$1400
· One-beds are $1138-$1421
· One-beds with dens are $1350-$2167
· Two-beds with either one or two bathrooms are going for $1575-$2000

(Inside word is that you can score up to 2 1/2 months for free, but you didn't hear that from us. Wait, you totally did.)

Now don't say we never do anything nice for you!

· The Station at Othello Park

The Station At Othello Park

4219 South Othello Street, Seattle, WA 98118 Visit Website


4550 38th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98126 Visit Website