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Get Your Craftsman On for $1.2m on Mercer Island

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You know, sometimes we feel like we neglect Mercer Island a little. It's got so many nice houses! Everything's so expected! The floorplans are so over-the-top! The opulence is so gratuitous! It's like cash money threw up all over the place and bought a boat! We get it, and we're sorry that we ignore it so often. It's just so expected! Once you've seen one gigantic house built by a software zillionaire, you've seen them all, right? Alas, we could not turn away from this gigantic Craftsman on M.I. because it's, well, gigantic. And a Craftsman. If that's not the most massive example of the style we've seen in awhile, we don't know what is. The weird thing is, it's kind of okay looking! Inside you get five beds, 3,420 sq. ft., what the listing language calls "soaring ceilings," a three-car garage, air conditioning, and a patio. It's also, you know, halfway between Seattle and Bellevue, so your kids can get the best of both worlds, shop in really nice places, and generally be thought of as a liiiittle bit snobby by most of their friends in college when they say "I'm from Mercer Island" and their new buds say "Oh. Well then." But hey, that's the price you pay, right? You can live the dream for $1,199,000.

· Listing: 8523 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island [Redfin]