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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of July 25th-29th

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Viaduct status: MISSING! Ha, got you. It's totally still there.
Recent earthquakes: Nothing. Though we did have a dream this week that there was a massive quake right in town, which was exciting because our dream selves recognized we'd finally have something to put in this spot this week. Dare to dream, right?
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: Some minimal single lane-age, but otherwise nothing to report.
What we're getting: Apparently worked up over fake earthquakes, so we're going to need some interesting news stat before we fall asleep, City Council.

Here's the news:

· Green Lake residents had some thoughts on the whole deal. [MGL]
· Hey, they called off some work! [WSB]
· Elizabeth Campbell was called a pro-viaduct crusader! Epic. [PubliCola]
· Those evictions at Western Ave didn't have anything to do with the tunnel. [SW]
· The Stranger did you a solid and read all the traffic analysis so you don't have to. [The Stranger]
· The High Line Crusader who won't beat Tom Rasmussen has only raised $100 in campaign funds. And he wrote the check himself. [PubliCola]