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Did Someone Say Castle?

Wait out over yonder near the Oregon border, where true Seattleites only take their out-of-town friends who want to see the Gorge and like Walla Walla's wineries, there's a castle. No, seriously. We're not trying to spin some hilarious bloggy fairytale and trick you right now before we go into some legitimate listing. There's actually a castle in them thar hills.

Zillow Blog discovered this ridiculous feat of architectural lack-of-restraint and dubbed it their House of the Week. It's listed for $1.2m, it was built in 1988, and it was commissioned because the previous owner was determined to live in a castle before he died. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it, right?

Among the amenities: 26 acres of land, a flippin' tower, a gigantic dining room, just over 5,600 sq. ft. of space, four bedrooms, and a plaster teepee elsewhere on the property. You know, like a guest house. (Beat that, Jay Buhner.)

Interested in this sucker? It's absolutely up for grabs, so pick up your lance, saddle your noble steed, and get on over there to fight off other suitors.

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· Listing: 92 Fordyce Road, White Salmon [Zillow]