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Snag an Overgrown Spanish-Style Studio for $188k

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Welcome to Curbed Seattle's weekly feature on real estate that's doable for most regular folks (if they've got all their ducks in a line, or at least an abstract formation). Each Tuesday, we'll probe the shores of the Sound for sneaky, pretty properties available for under $200k. Living in Capitol Hill is pretty nice, even though we make fun of it a lot. It's right next to downtown, the buildings are all really cool, you can pretty much walk everywhere you want, and you never have to worry about getting a cab home because you're only three blocks away most of the time. Living there can get pricey though, which is why this 498 sq. ft. studio in a Spanish Revival-style building on 16th is super appealing. The interior's kind of gorgeous in a Sun-Also-Rises kind of way, and there's a den and a walk-in closet so it can pass as a one bedroom. It'll also be kind of great when Light Rail finally kicks in a few years from now. Interested? It rings in at $188k.

· Listing: 323 16th Avenue E #202 [Redfin]