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Take a Dip on Huckleberry Lane for $1.5m

Sometimes a property needs some creative writer-ly descriptions and clever wordsmithing, and sometimes we just like them pretty straightforwardly for a number of reasons. This guy's one of the latter. Without further ado, here's stuff we love about this sucker: it's on Huckleberry Lane. It's got a really pretty backyard situation going on, including a nice-looking pool and some pretty foliage. It's got 3 beds and 4,360 sq. ft. It's in Shoreline, which is a pretty easy commute when you think about it. It's a Roland Terry design. It's in the woods, which sounds pretty good in July coming off of Independence Day when we're still all big on camping. Pretty appealing, right? For $1,500,000 it's all yours.
· Listing: 133 Huckleberry Lane NW, Shoreline [Redfin]