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Cruising Craigslist: Unnecessary Indulgences

Behold a sample of the best and brightest of housewares from Seattle's Craigslist. This week: sew some stuff, take a load off, and look at yourself.

The piece: A Singer Sewing Machine
The Price: $500
Use it for: Repairing your stash of 1930s-era drapes, of course! Jeez, why did you even ask!?

The piece: A set of mid-century soda fountain furniture
The Price: $1.600
Use it for: Demonstrating that vintage is totally better than brand-new, even though your furniture sort of looks like something you could have snagged at Ikea for a tenth of the price... oops?

The piece: An armoire with three mirrors sections
The Price: $2495
Use it for: Holding your wardrobe in the most epic way possible. Also, pretending you're in Beauty and the Beast.