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Built-In Bookcases in Ballard for Under $500k

Ballard, we've made it pretty clear how we feel about you. Time after time, the bevy of beautiful listings you offer have made our list of hot properties, and time after time they're really stinking expensive. Today that all changes. Sure, we're equally into this 2-bedroom's cute updated kitchen, its pretty French doors, and its cedar siding. We're also fairly fond of the fact that all 1,340 sq. ft. of it has in-floor heating, and that there are lots of built-in bookcases (our Achilles heel). What we like more is that this guy, though certainly not cheap, rings in at $425,000. A freshly remodeled house in Ballard for under $500k? That doesn't come around often. · Listing: 2842 NW 63rd Street [Redfin]