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Try a Tudor in the Admiral District for $335k

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We know what you're thinking. "Why do you keep lying, Curbed Seattle? Why did you say you'd posted your last patriotic link when you're just going to go back on your word six hours later?" We wish we had a better answer for you, but the truth is that we just like Tudors and West Seattle so much that we can't resist. We apologize, but with any luck this 3-bed in the Admiral District will make you feel a little better. Ringing in at 2,220 sq. ft., it's got painted star appliques in the front (cue the national anthem), leaded glass windows, a crazy master bathroom, and an Ivanhoe fireplace. Here's something truly American for you: it's $335,000. Get on it, already! · Listing: 4317 SW Hanford Street [Redfin]