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Be in The Dark in Tacoma for $950k

Hey, who turned the lights out! It's so dark in here! Man, it would be great if we could the house we're looking at, but we can't! Because it's dark! Whatever will we do? Ridiculous jabs at the weirdly-ordered listing photos for this Tacoma 3-bed aside (seriously, daylight, people!), if you're looking for something newish and just shy of 4,000 square feet with a view and a decent commute, you're in business here. It's got two pretty nice master suites going on, a 4-car garage, a deck, and a nice little sunroom situation going on. And contrary to popular belief, Tacoma is actually only around an hour outside of Seattle in the mornings! The price for all this out-of-town opulence: $950,000.

· Listing: 3616 N. Washington Street, Tacoma [Redfin]