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Rent It Out for $450k in Bryant

Things college students like: drinking, bars, parties, free food, and t-shirts. Things grad students like: pretending they don't enjoy all of the above while relentlessly pursuing them, living in houses instead of apartments, pondering having families someday, and living within walking distance of the desk at which they hold their office hours. It's smart, then, if you snag this 3-bed in Bryant that's just off the Burke-Gilman, because it allows for all of those things. Imagine the fun you'd have renting it out to a bunch of tortured Ph.D. students who will use their loans to pay for liveable housing and basically pay your mortgage while you tell them they're responsible for mowing the lawn and changing the lightbulbs. Genius! And look at that cool vanity in the bathroom! You're a lucky dog, student who rents this from the future owners. Lucky indeed. The price of owning a 1,470 sq. ft. property you can rent out to grad students for a boatload of cash: $449,000. · 5234 39th Avenue NE [Redfin]