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Buy Yellow Furniture in North Admiral for $1.295m

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Oh hey, West Seattle. 'Sup? We love you, as we've demonstrated many many times, but we've never considered you a center of hip-looking modern design stuff the way we do the rest of town. You always shock us, though! Case in point: this North Admiral 3-bed. It's got 2,850 sq. ft. to its name, a nice deck/sunroom situation going on, and all those modern things you know and love (or loathe) like a wooden staircase, big wide windows, and all that jazz. Added bonus: it's been demonstrated that it looks good if you put a bunch of yellow stuff in it! You're golden. (Pun not intended. Okay, maybe a little intended.) The price of being modern on the water: $1,295,00. · 1527 Sunset Avenue SW [Redfin]