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Grace Kitchen Arrives at U Village; Andrew Zimmern Loves Seattle; Fun With Maps

This week's top hits from Eater Seattle, Curbed's sibling bar, restaurant and nightlife blog...

[Photo: Eater Seattle]

U VILLAGEPoppy chef Jerry Traunfeld developed a menu of "upscale comfort food" for Grace Kitchen, now open in University Village where Zao Noodle Bar used to be. Traunfeld recently shared the rundown on the dishes he created, pretty much guaranteeing future shopping binges will be capped off with deviled eggs and a meatball hero.

ON TV—Food TV guy Andrew Zimmern was in Seattle recently, filming an episode for his show Bizarre Foods. Zimmern recapped his visit with Eater, summing up his overall impression as "Seattle is fucking brilliant." Oh, and he really, really liked Canlis.

EVERYWHERE—The James Beard Awards, famously dubbed the Oscars of the food world, don't come around again until the spring, but this handy map lets you track the whereabouts of Seattle chefs who have won the hefty gold medallion since the awards debuted in 1991. James Beard trivia abounds.

ON THE MARCH—Attention fans of salty, greasy General Tso's the spirit of public service, local food curmudgeon the Surly Gourmand conducted a march across the city, sampling the dish at a variety of restaurants. The result is this handy map chronicling which restaurants serve the best, and which doors are not worth darkening.