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We Need Your Nominations for Hottest Brokers Week!

Attention, dear readers! Curbed Seattle's first foray into the storied event that is Hottest Week takes place next Monday, and we need your nominations to make it happen. All week long, we'll feature showdowns between two of the area's hottest brokers or agents. Get ready for face-offs between Seattle's most charming, handsomest, loveliest, sexiest, most distinguished, drop-dead-gorgeous-est real estate professionals, right here on the blog starting next Monday.

But we need your help!

Seeing as you're the ones dealing with agents, brokers, and the like on a daily basis as you desperately seek the fairest home in all the land, we need your professional input as to who the hottest pro in the area actually is. Is the guy who helped you find your condo a total fox? Did you actually rent a house specifically because your broker was ridiculously gorgeous? Do you have a massive crush on your broker and want the universe to bring you together by sensing that you nominate them? Lucky for you, next week has the potential to swing things in your favor!

Shoot the tipline an email with your nominees before Sunday night to get your favorite beautiful broker or arrestingly hot agent on the list. Nominating yourself is also completely within bounds, and we'll keep nominations anonymous so you won't even be embarrassed about your own audacity. Well, don't just stand there! Get sending!