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For Rent: Five Beds, A Wine Cellar, and California Closets on Green Lake

California Closets! A wine cellar! 5 bedrooms! A deck! A 2-car garage! A flippin' gym! Sound like a really ridiculously priced Green Lake house you can't afford in the slightest? You're sort of right. Except this one's a rental! Baffled? Us too. This one's going for $4795 a month, with a $5000 security deposit and $1500 cleaning fee to move-in. It went up for grabs on August 13th, so get on it ASAP if you want a wine cellar and don't want to admit you're renting to your friends. (Oh yeah -- the owners say you can buy some of the wine from the cellar if you want. You know, if you're interested.) For more convincing, check out the gallery above.

· Rental Listing: Craigslist
· Four Seasons Properties