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Head South to Gig Harbor for $1.05m

There's no use denying that for being particularly far from Seattle commuting-wise, Gig Harbor's kind of a gorgeous town. The listings there certainly aren't shabby by any means, as evidenced by this 3-bed on the water. It's got just shy of 3,800 sq. ft., three fireplaces, 215 feet of waterfront, a pretty open floor layout, and a nice-looking kitchen with Viking appliances. As if that kind of posh situation wasn't enough, the price tag is significantly less than it would be if the place was on, say, Mercer Island. Sure, $1,050,000 isn't anything to shake a stick at, but when you get a look at the property you'll get the idea, we think.
· Listing: 8512 131st Street Northwest, Gig Harbor [CB Bain]

Waterfront Park

1401 Alaskan Way, , WA 98101 Visit Website